December 3, 2022
  • Network Connection Error Message ID 5782

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    How to fix Netlogon ID 5782 error message

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    Event ID 5782: DNS server not configured for local system.
    Windows 3000 Domain Controller systems with Service Store 1 installed may report a critical NETLOGON Care warning event in the system.event log: Event ID 5782: “Dynamic registration, possibly unregistering one or more DNS records with the correct error: No DNS server. configured for the native system. »

    The Net Logon service should be responsible for adding most of the SRV Resource Racks (RRs) from the domain configuration to the DNS service used in the domain. Each time the useful Netlogon service starts, it attempts to register the domain configuration SRV records with the DNS server.
    If event ID5782 is reported, all SRV resource records for the corresponding disk space configuration may have disappeared from the DNS server (especially if the DNS server is configured to retrieve old records). When these logs (_msdcs, _sites, _tcp, _udp entries) disappear, the dcdiag command word and the netdiag command may report errors on the domain controller. netdiag /fix (running on a domain controller) can add these entries to support a specific DNS server. In addition, our nltest team canUseful for diagnosing problems with Netlogon support and DNS configuration.

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